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Summer for many people is a time to catch –up and reenergize. Take a couple weeks off, go on vacation, or finally tackle all those house projects. But who really wants to work during those precious days off? English summer classes are a great way to catch up on your English while relaxing at the same time.

How? Companies like International Projects offer summer courses in vacation hotspots, allowing a person to brush up on those "ol' English skills", while still enjoying some time off. Places like England and Ireland offer great courses with native speaking instructors to help fine tune English reading, writing, and speaking, while leaving the afternoons and evenings free. Use the opportunity to ask all those lingering English questions, and really train that foreign accent. Not to mention the extended travel opportunities one has just from signing up for a course.

English summer classes also offer the ability to really strengthen your language skills in and outside of the classroom while abroad. Use the morning for challenging course material, grammar refreshers, and speaking exercises; then take the afternoon off and practice the material while sightseeing in London or Bournemouth. What better way to really let the course material set in than sightseeing?

Furthermore, English summer classes offer the opportunity to really enjoy the cultural aspects of travelling. Summer classes often offer cultural lessons, complimented by recreational activities giving participants the opportunity to really enjoy the livelihood and atmosphere around them. For instance learn about the British tea time, and then go enjoy a cup of tea in a fancy local café.

So whenever you start making your summer list of things to catch up on, don't forget to treat yourself to a real vacation, and put English summer classes as your number one priority.

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